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How to watch the film!

Beloved Children of the Holocaust, the film, is now available on FOS Entertainment!

"This film is the incredible story of Mary Burkett, an untrained artist, who was inspired to draw a picture of a boy she found online – a boy who turned out to be Hersch Goldberg, a five-year-old killed in the gas chambers at Auschwitz. Hersch was the first of what would become a collection of 27 'beloved children' who have now inspired millions across the globe with their message of love and tolerance."

What people have said after watching the film:

  • The film "brings us together in a world trying to divide us all."

  • "It's not often you can witness a miracle, but I can't think of a more loving, kind, gentle miracle ever."

  • "I can only smile and gaze upward at this so unlikely and holy a thing. Amazing."

  • "I love a powerful story and the Beloved is certainly that."

  • "Beautiful! Moving! Inspiring! Timely!"

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