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Mary Burkett is just an ordinary person called to extraordinary circumstances. She is a wife, mother and grandmother. Having had no artistic training, in January 2017, she began to create a living memorial to precious children killed in the Holocaust. In seven short months, Beloved: Children of the Holocaust, a collection of 27 beautiful portraits, was complete. Since that time they have been viewed by millions of people around the world and have received recognition from the Congress of the United States.

In December of 2017, Mary was inspired to begin a new collection honoring the lives of children, both enslaved and free, in the second half of 19th Century America. This collection is now comprised of 14 portraits, known as Beloved: Legacy of Slavery. An associated collection, Beloved: Restoration was completed in 2019.

Mary went on to draw Beloved: Unfinished Lives, a small collection of portraits from the Warsaw Ghetto. She is currently working on a collection entitled Beloved: 10,000, as well as a collection of Anne Frank portraits for the Anne Frank Center. When complete, Beloved: 10,000 will be comprised of 150 portraits, each of which will represent 10,000 children who died in the Holocaust.

Mary's work continues to honor the lives of children forgotten by time and history. Her work has been described as “An inspired initiative with a precise purpose: that mankind knows the atrocities of the historical past and never repeats them.”

Exhibits, lectures
& prints

Mary's artwork is available for exhibit and educational purposes, and she is happy to present lectures and gallery talks to accompany exhibitions. If you would like to schedule an exhibit or lecture, please contact Mary using the contact form below. 

Mary's artwork is not for sale. She shares prints at her discretion. For more information, please contact Mary using the contact form below.


Please be aware, Mary's artwork is copyright protected and may not be used in any format without express consent.

Thanks! Message sent.

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