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D R .    J A N U S Z    K O R C Z A K    &    T H E    O R P H A N    C H I L D

Dr. Janusz Korczak was a renowned pediatrician and author in Warsaw, who gave up his medical practice to open an orphanage for Jewish children. Although he never married or had children of his own, when asked if he had children, he would reply, “Yes, two hundred.” When the Nazis took over Warsaw, he was forced to move his orphanage into the ghetto, and he spent the next years struggling to feed and care for “his children”. On August 5, 1942, the Nazis came to liquidate the orphanage and although he was given the opportunity, Dr. Korczak refused to abandon the children. As  reported by eye-witnesses, he led them down the streets of Warsaw, two by two, dressed in their finest clothes, singing. They were taken to Treblinka, where Dr. Korczak made the ultimate sacrifice of his own life for his beloved children.

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